Tuesday, February 01, 2011


I can’t keep it to myself any longer. I’m going to be a grandmother any time now. I must admit to getting a bit edgy this past weekend when I realized our West Coast weather headed east was expected to develop into a truly severe icy/snow storm. The storm’s path is through those Great Lakes states where my grandson is slated to make his grand entrance into this world.

Sunday, I texted my son and his wife a 'heads up' that "our storm is headed your way." I asked if they had a Plan B should this first child of theirs enter our world on a schedule coinciding with the storm’s arrival. I’ve been relieved to learn they’ve gone to the hospital birthing setting preparatory to the big event, which will likely be occurring soon – or could be happening now.

I’ll share the news when I learn of my grandson’s debut entering the scene in life’s great theatre’. Yeah, I know that reads a bit over the top, but if you could hear my voice speaking those words you’d know the grandeur is all exuberant fun reflecting my excited state.


  1. Oh, Grandma, I read this and am instantly back in a birthing center in San Diego, pacing the floor and thinking thoughts both grandiloquent and mundane...but what a rush of thoughts!

    May all go well. I am full of anticipation for you and will check back often for news.

  2. How very exciting, my dear....I remember my mothers great great joy when my first nephew--her very first Grandson, was born....It Was Incedibly exciting for all of us!! So, I look forward to hearing the news of his arrival!

  3. thank you for your lovely visit to recuerda mi corazon.
    this news of yours is BLISS!!!
    i share your happiness.

  4. Oh JoAnn...I'm excited for you. Let us know all the details....Cheers!

  5. I could sense your excitement and pride just sitting here reading. Congratulations!

  6. Nothing is more exciting or rewarding than a new grandchild. I am so happy for you and can just feel your thrill at welcoming this new life into your world.

    Please send up flares when the grandson enters this turbulent time.

  7. You are right to worry and I'm glad they took your warning seriously!!!! Here's hoping your grandson makes a relatively quick, and easy on mom entrance.

    And congrats, grandma!!!! Does this mean that you'll be heading to that state up North come summer? I'll send you some OSU stuff for him. LOL -- like your D-I-L would let him have it!