Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Representative David Dreier Alert !

The following message has been sent to Republican David Dreier in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Message Text (edited):

PASS the Nat'l Debt Limit Extension to beyond the 2012 election NOW!
We can debate the budget issues during the election. Legislators can then legislate instead of engaging in the shenanigans in which they now engage.

I am so disappointed in the Republican Party allowing "the tail to wag the dog" on this and many issues. Majority Republican party members need to:

-- summon the courage to do what is best for this nation,

-- stop being intimidated by their extreme right members,

-- stop playing politics on this matter.

Perhaps you'll want to contact your House Representative and Senator(s), too. My Senators are voting appropriately, but I've sent them a tangible supportive message.

I continue to have other interests during this time besides government and politics that I'm overdue for posting about here. For now, I do believe this debt extension issue is critical. I'm concerned that continued political game-playing in D.C. may well be damaging international financial world perceptions of our nation with less than desirable results we may reap in the future.


Congress is abdicating their responsibility if they avoid passing legislation to increase the debt limit. Political forces attempting to force the President to take that action instead of Congress doing their job demonstrates less than noble motivations despite words claiming otherwise.

By the way, I also expressed my views on the debt limit issue to Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner; Democratic Senate leader, Harry Reid.

I hope voters in future elections remember to withhold their votes for those Congresspersons, unfortunately a number of Republicans primarily in the House of Representatives, who have participated in the political manipulations that are inflicting such potentially damaging consequences on our nation.


  1. My Rep is an uber liberal Democrat and he asked what his constituents thought he should do in a recent email to us. Pass the debt extension, I said. I also think they need to make cuts to ensure Medicare will be there for future retirees. My Senator is Mark Warner, one of the gang of six and I love him. He is very realistic about what we need to do. Hopefully their proposal for debt reduction will be addressed soon.

  2. Well said -- as always!!! And you know that I've contacted my guys in Congress -- countless times!!!

  3. As a constituent, I ask you to put aside partisan ideology and work to find a fair compromise on the Debt limit. It is only common sense the we cannot cut our way out of debt. There must also be an increase in revenue. Perhaps all our representatives should take a refresher course in Macro Economics.

  4. My senator & rep have heard from me; but, I like the wording Joared used, and also the wording of the above Anonymous commentor.
    Cop Car

  5. To All: I often wonder if our messages to D.C. even get attention. I think Dick Klade's recent article about the power of the pen at gabbygeezer may be right. I think I'll write and that will help the postal service, too, before it disappears like the Pony Express. Also, Anon (Cop Car?) a course in macro economics is a good idea.

  6. Joared--I comment on Blogger blogs Anonymously, but that particular comment should not/cannot be credited to me.

    Anonymous--Please step forward to take your bows!

  7. I am annoyed by people who don't think the worst could happen as a result of government default. Liberals are too optimistic that things can work out, and conservatives enjoy the idea of public employees losing their jobs and entitlements. Neither group has a notion of what it would mean to have our government collapse.

  8. This was a very good post JoAnn...and I agree with Hattie's comments. It all makes me frustrated and more than a little frightened. ~Joy

  9. Good letter. And I agree, the first checks to be stopped should be those going to Congress.