Monday, July 04, 2011


The United States of America celebrates our 235th birthday this July 4th as we
commemorate the signing of our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.

Much nation building continued through the following years. Actual ratification of our written U. S. Constitution containing the Bill of Rights delineating our individual freedoms occurred eleven years later. Subsequently our constitution has been amended twenty-seven times adapting to changing times. Today we face serious challenges as this republic's grand experiment with democracy continues.

Throughout our two hundred plus years our country has been overtly and covertly attacked by individuals, groups, ideologies dedicated to undermining our way of life, or blatantly imposing their own governmental systems on our nation. These forces have come from outside our country and, sometimes from within.

Our populace sometimes even undermines our nation's own best interests. Some well-intentioned elected officials we've chosen to conduct the country's business on our behalf have failed to effectively do so for too many years. Also, our capitalistic system has been abused -- running amok in a long festering financial debacle. We've finally reached a point in time when our nation is threatened with financial bankruptcy.

So, we must continue making our views known to our government officials, coupled with the admonition that they MUST reach agreement to resolve this issue.

Meanwhile, this 4th of July we celebrate our nation's birthday with the expectation the current crisis will be averted.


  1. As always, very well said!!!!

    If certain people have their way, much of our freedom could be lost.

  2. I agree with all you said. Good citizenship requires vigilance and we have a responsibility to make our voices heard.

    This is an excellent post to commemorate the day, JoAnn.

  3. Good statement. Somehow, we must get those elected to serve our interests to do their jobs.

  4. Beautifully said JoAnn...and I agree. Nice post. ~Joy