Tuesday, November 06, 2012


V O T E   Tuesday November 6, 2012 if you haven't already.

If you're still uncertain about your vote, please read the preceding "Undecided" post.

Clearly I have a point of view about the candidate I hope will be elected.  Ideally we will know by Wednesday who our next President will be, but I wouldn't be surprised if a variety of voting issues result in a more prolonged determination period -- though I would hope not.

SPECIAL THANKS TO OHIO'S KAY at "Kay's Thinking Cap" .......
for all her campaign efforts !

I'm just as interested in the candidates elected to Congress -- in both the House of Representatives and Senate.   I would like to see the back broken of the legislative block that has been dedicated to preventing solving the problems facing this nation in order for them to prevent the current President Obama from demonstrating successful governing skills, but whether or not that group will be weakened is uncertain.

California redistricting has eliminated one of those long time legislators, Republican David Dreier, who exhibited such misguided non-problem solving behaviors  contrary to many of his constituents wishes, including my own.  His replacement will be determined in this election, so we'll see what contributions will be made by this new legislator.

California officials are currently investigating the possible money laundering from other states (Arizona, Virginia) through numerous non-profit organizations to influence an important California state proposition.  The actual source of these funds is being hidden, but accusations are being made that laws may have been broken.  KNX - all news radio is reporting from their sources that allegations have been raised about whether known Republican Party supporters, including Karl Rove and San Diego oil billionaires Koch Brothers, are possibly involved.   This Los Angeles Times article provides some specifics that should concern citizens in every State:  

"...the disclosure was revealing in its own way, showing how a chain of blandly named organizations can shuttle money around the country with little transparency."

Ban all Campaign Money.....Limit Candidate Campaign Time to One or Two Months

Maybe then our Congress would have time to do the work for which we pay them and give them all sorts of benefits and health insurance coverage so many of them  begrudge us.

When I read and hear about all the $$$ being spent by greedy self-interested individuals, companies, groups to subvert our government for selfish gain I do have to wonder how such people can claim to be moral, ethical, or dedicated to the basic tenets on which our nation was founded.   I also have to wonder how any religious groups can justify supporting and defending them. 

Frankly, I'm disgusted with all this financial manipulation -- part of which we can thank some of what is a result of  legal interpretations  by what I'm beginning to conclude are the more disreputable members of our  Supreme Court.  I think the founding fathers of our nation must be sick at heart over how some of those Justices stand law, order, common sense on it's head  in the name of the constitution to the detriment of this nation.

If all campaign monies were simply devoted to lowering our national debt, or dedicated to this nation's basic needs we could come much closer to coming out of this financial crisis brought on by the exploitation of the many by the few.  Perhaps then we could begin to move forward at a more rapid rate toward a more stable United States -- with a necessary strong middle class, making aid provisions for those of less means to change their status, and enabling those whose skills and talents result in their acquisition of great wealth to each live in a United States where we can all benefit.  


  1. You are making a lot of important points here. As I read this, I was thinking about the way we are taught to respect rich people, Supreme Court justices, etc. , who may be,as you put it "disreputable. "
    This is a big push to take over this country using enormous amounts of money.

  2. Amen, to you, Kay and Hattie too.

  3. We learn our attitudes toward rich people very young. All those rides to look at the elaborate Christmas decorations on the right side of the tracks....