Friday, June 29, 2018


This American citizen considers our nation’s values have been betrayed once again by an individual, our U.S. President, who is unable to acknowledge truth and insultingly expects others to believe his lies -- despite the fact that he assumed his governing office with no humility, even though the popular majority did not vote for or support him (of course, he never likes to be reminded of such facts). 

Our leader continues to market divisiveness, lies pathologically, frequently contradicts himself, pettily resorts to juvenile name-calling, expects everyone to always like/respect/agree with him, while being oblivious to the fact such behavior as his does not result in the admiration he so desperately demands.    

That leader continues making knee-jerk decisions defying common sense frequently.  He does so without benefit of consultation with those more knowledgeable -- does so in a manner that doesn’t allow appropriate post planning -- as with the recent treatment of infants and children taken from their parents who were seeking asylum -- to name just a few of his dangerous behaviors. 

This leader and his supporters (some likely well-intentioned) will eventually learn they are being complicit in his effort to alter our form of government – by misusing our constitution to undermine our democracy and reduce our freedoms.   That this leader assumed office in the first place has occurred because of an electoral college voting system (long overdue for reassessment).  Some supporters acquired have been misled and unwittingly influenced partially through their very own social media activity. 

This social media has been subjected to manipulative machinations by a hostile foreign nation led by an autocrat committed to eliminating world democracies by any means possible.  Our leader, reprehensibly, courts this and other dictators he repeatedly praises and has intimated aspiring to emulate.    So, it’s not surprising he seeks to assume similar controls in our country over all branches of our government, continues efforts to undermine and destroy our free press if they don’t parrot his spiel – in his efforts to nullify our constitution’s checks and balances to prevent such a result.  

Some of our nation’s most immoral and despicable traits selected groups demonstrate continue to be exploited by those in the highest leadership positions for political and maybe even personal gain.   One of the most recent evidences of just how dangerous this is, occurs when we consider -- how could anyone even entertain the thought of separating infants and children from their parents?   Parents who should have a legal right to seek safety and asylum in a country other than their own.  Then, this leader deliberately actually issues orders for others to separate them without, at least, assuring reunification plans were in place.   

Might we wonder if those receiving such immoral directions should refuse to follow them?   Might we wonder what more is this leadership capable of doing to each of us if we are not in his favor?

My mind reels with memories of the parallels of just such a similar activity separating children from parents in other countries justified at the time citing other immoral reasons when I was a mere child myself during WWII.   When I became an adult recalling those years I wondered where had been the good people in those countries to resist such despicable actions – refuse to enforce them?  

Similarities were depicted in a haunting mother/children scene in the movie, “Sophie’s Choice” starring Meryl Streep in too horrific a video to post here – and yet, the babes screaming, mother in shock, has now happened in my country! 

Are those who put the leader(s) in power who ordered this travesty of human decency complicit --- fellow citizens -- acted in my and your name – including other of our citizens who followed those immoral orders? 

When does morality, including that of those pointedly pronouncing their religious convictions but who say or do nothing, demand a stand be taken? 

   We are reminded of that famous quote:
        “The only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

We also might wonder, based on past behaviors, what plans our leader may have for those of us who see through his schemes – maybe his using for his own gains our military establishment for which he claims to have such a patriotic affinity? 

Or maybe he’s just enamored or obsessed with putting on big military parades, thinking somehow doing so aggrandizes his power and serves as testimony to his virility? 

Has he been ingratiating himself with our veterans, armed services and their families in a systematic effort to obtain for himself, above all else, unquestioning alliance and allegiance as he is known to have attempted to demand from others?  For what purpose? 

Meanwhile, we must demand these children be reunited with their parents!


  1. As an 'onlooker' I wondered the same - surely some would have thought this wrong - and spoken up. The world waits and wonders how it could happen.
    Hopefully all the still seperated children and babes have enough identification to return them to their worried and 'grieving' parents.

  2. This country is going to hell in a hand basket and frankly, after two years it has me emotionally exhausted. I've developed at least one stress illness. The daily onslaught is just almost unbearable. I feel awful for not only our country, but our world's future.

  3. Preaching to the choir here as far as I am concerned. But the republican party is getting exactly what it wants, which is why it is allowing all the Collateral Damage to go on: Judges. It's all about reshaping the courts, especially the highest court in the land.

    Another famous quote is being borne out right before our eyes, that of George Santayana: Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

  4. Hopefully this last horror has galvanized even those who were borderline into seeing the truth. I plan to raise my voice in the voting booth and will keep writing my congressmen and women. Keep preaching lady, this choir member is listening.

  5. I recommend this article in the Irish Times which I posted a few days ago on FB. We've all known this but to see it articulated in B&W sends a chill down my spine.

    He keeps pushing the limits of civilian tolerance. Latest incident being accusing the press, followed by the massacre of journos. Your Supreme Court is now in his pocket who will rule in his favour. End of charges against him, end of Roe vs Wade.



    1. Thanks for the link describing the democracy-destroying action sequences we continue to see unfolding before us.

  6. This is happening because of fear - fear of an aging largely white ruling class losing their dominance over the soon to be numerically sutperior non-white population. The President has been a master at tapping in to that fear and antagonizing racial divides many thought long extinguished. Wrong. They were merely dormant. It is no surprise white nationalism is on the rise.

    rump s systematically dismantling the systems and processes along with the institutions that served us well for 250+ years. He is a pawn of Putin and has been lining his and his familiies pockets with money since the first day he took office. Hebhas successfully told the same lies often enough that they are now being believed. He wordhips at the alter of authoritarian power - it is what he craves. I fear for the lives of my grandchildren - our President is simply a traitor. We allowed ourselves to become comlacent and now have reaped our just rewards. Here's hoping we can right the ship.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more about Trump's total unsuitability as President, and the inhuman separation of children from their parents. I do wonder how on earth the American people will manage to get rid of him. We have a similar problem here in the UK, with a Tory government hell-bent on Brexit at all costs and constantly increasing the suffering and deprivation of those at the bottom of the heap. Here too any amount of protest makes virtually no impression on Theresa May and her chums.

  8. The page reloaded, and my comment was lost. Suffice it to say that I worry about some of the recent protest efforts taking us ever lower down a slippery slope without any good having been done.

  9. The hundreds of thousands protesting this weekend are encouraging.