Monday, January 06, 2020


I’ve taken quite a lengthy break from writing here.  Thanks to commenters for your continued interest despite my mercurial writing commitment.   I really haven’t known if I would resume writing, but concluded if I did, I wanted a limited publishing schedule and posts of relatively short content.   We’ll see how well I can follow that plan as it’s no understatement to say that I can tend to become a bit verbose as you likely have noted. 

Also, especially since 2016, when I begin to write I’m often challenged with thought intrusion associated with preservation of our threatened democratic republic’s freedoms.   Consequently, I experience frustration resisting excessively writing about the state of our nation.   I realize too much of this subject matter may be less than appealing to readers here, but I seem to feel the need to express myself.

Those were my thoughts before the most recent actions initiated by our nation’s leader who has now unleashed the potential for even more dangerous unpredictable world events.   Escalating uncertainty ensues with unknown consequences.  Additionally, indicators of our planet’s climate changes, denied by this same leader, increasingly manifest themselves in destructive weather events around the world we read or hear about in our daily news such as the present horrendous Australian fires.   

I long for a nation and world that seems not to have so many more such serious issues demanding immediate resolution.  I entertain the hope we will overcome these challenges for the betterment of humankind but wonder if any will occur in my lifetime, much less that of my children and grandchildren.  Perhaps in a more desirable environment my thoughts and writing would explore light-hearted topics.  I try to differentiate between what I can realistically do to positively influence matters and what is beyond my control.   

The manner in which I can act to impact the situations has altered through the years.   My ageing, physical condition has gradually limited me more, but the very least I can do is to vote as I have now arranged to do by mail should I be unable to visit my voting site.  Traditional voting sites are changing in California and elsewhere, anyway.  We just need to insure as best we can the security and integrity of our states voting systems.  We also need to combat voter intimidation through limiting laws and any gerrymandering prevalent in some states. 

We can combat the forces that defy our nation’s values with the November 2020 national elections offering a significant major opportunity to do so.   We need to facilitate new voter registration through every method possible as one means of accomplishing this opportunity for necessary meaningful change.   

Meanwhile, we’re all faced with finding coping mechanisms to aid in retaining our sanity for relief from the unbidden heavy life complications foisted upon us.   We each do so in our own way.  I use a variety of methods in an effort to balance my thoughts with other input.   Just a few alternate focus areas for me include following my distant family members activities, listening to music, pleasurably reading both fiction and nonfiction, engaging in a variety of other involvements that also serve as distractions, but humor of all kinds is a saving grace. 

I never knew what one favored type of humor, often flippant and funny, sometimes with serious meaning, was called, “Paraprosodokian”, where the statement ending can be quite unexpected, a reversal  from the beginning of the statement, such as: 

"War does not determine who is right – only who is left."

What prompts your choice of writing topics? 
How do you cope with any frustrations you may feel with life issues? 


  1. I blog because I feel compelled to express my crazy and emotional and odd thoughts. I love reading others thoughts. YOu cannot force yourself to write. I do hope you find a new energy.

  2. As for coping, I have read dozens of books this year, courtesy of our county library. Silly books, mostly fiction, books that take me to other places, other times. I find that reading the newspaper, which I enjoy, can make me too sad. Watching the news makes me feel as if my head might explode. So, I retreat to a made up story.

    I also write, mainly in my journal, but also on my blog. I stay away, as much as possible, from the current affairs because, as I wrote in that previous paragraph, it makes my head want to explode. Perhaps I am an ostrich, just wanting to stick my head in the ground and pay no attention to the horror going on around me.

  3. I try not to think about what i cannot control. For the blog, I stick to creativity, nature, and ideas. I leave politics for other places. There are plenty where people can argue this out. In the end, it's about making our own lives and those around us good. There have been worse times in the past if you look at history but maybe not more times with so much information where neither side agrees with what is truth.

  4. I am so happy to see back to the blogger world and thanks for your comments on my blog. I used to blog more often but now have it down to every 6th day I post anew. Still quite a bit but it's what I can handle now. And yes, I agree about the dilemma of putting my thoughts down about the horrendous state of affairs that our wonderful country has become … I, literally, can't hold back sometimes but also notice that if I post about it my followers don't comment as much either. I think we are all so tired of lies and hatred and especially this last horrendous fiasco with Iran but we certainly can't ignore it either. Woe is us !

  5. So glad to see you back on my reading list. You are preaching to the choir here. These are hard times to get through and we are barraged daily with frightening updates as unease keeps escalating. Voting is how I fight, like minded friends and reading are how I cope.

  6. I've never known such worrying and unpredictable times - the American President's erratic decisions, the UK abandoning the EU, the Australian bushfires etc etc. Like others, I try not to think about things I have no control over, but that's hard when they're being thrust at me every day by assorted media.

    I seldom write about politics or climate breakdown in my blog as they're written about by others ad nauseam and I haven't much to add. Also as I like to have a place where I can discuss more personal and less contentious subjects, and distance myself from the global mayhem for a while.

  7. I missed your voice! Great to see you back.

    To a great extent, blogging is a coping mechanism for me. Coping with worry, with (unpleasant) memories, with possibly much too enthusiastic hopes, the way all things are going down the drain, my fickle health etc.

    I don't shy away from politics because it's really just people doing stuff pretending to be more important than the next perdson and I am not prepared to let my idea of 'we the people' and democracy be tainted by it.

    What I don't get is business and money.

  8. Nick, Patti, Ginnie...they've said most of what I would add here. I've been so politically active since the Bush 43 days. I'm worn out from it all. I stay aware, but I've had to disengage for my own serenity.

    I, too, drifted away from my blog off and on in 2019. I've decided to focus more on it as I described in my latest post. Ultimately, I have to be fulfilled by writing there.

  9. Very glad to see that you're posting after a brief absence. I, too, don't wish to inundate readers with state-of-the-nation posts, however upset I am at the current government.

    I think what prompts me to write are, really, the 'orchids and onions' of life--events that inspire and events that frustrate.