Monday, January 13, 2020


I didn’t plan to cover our Big Bear area Bald Eagles again in 2020, but viewing recent unexpected TV news videos reminded me of them, resulting in my once again becoming enthralled with recent events there. 

Note:  Last year’s saga is covered in archived posts you can read for anyone interested. Parental eagles, cougar mother Jackie and younger father Shadow successfully hatched two eggs with one eaglet, Simba, maturing toward adulthood, but there was much drama during the interim months culminating in younger eaglet, Cookie’s death, later Simba's reluctance to leave the nest.   My first post was March 24, 2019 with periodic reports during the ensuing months before my last post July 28, 2019 with links on those dates.  Summaries, You Tube video links also available on the Friends of Big Bear Valley Bald Eagle site.

Since I didn’t follow the site after Simba fledged I only now learned there have been subsequent events seriously threatening their nesting location, even the eagles remaining in the area, according to the Friends of Big Bear Valley Bald Eagles you can read about on their site.  Humans keep infringing on wildlife habitat.   Will this Bald Eagle sanctuary be protected?

Meanwhile the unsuspecting parental eagles, bonding for their second season,  have returned to their nest with Jackie laying an egg (1/8/2020) expected to hatch Valentine’s Day -- to be followed shortly by the second egg laid Saturday night (1/11/2020) as expected.    Hopefully, unlike last year, the second eaglet will survive and both eaglets will mature to safely fly from the nest.   

I wonder if climate change has somehow affected the parental eagles determination each season about when they start their family?   Perhaps temperatures vary enough from year to year now to result in their needing to adjust.  

These eggs are hatching about a month earlier than last years eggs which gives me some concern that if we have some fierce winter weather conditions whether the chicks will be strong enough to adapt.   Last year it was soon after the final really cold spell of the season with snow, may have been some rain, that the second-born chick ultimately couldn’t survive.  
Currently Jackie is being subjected to below freezing temperatures some nights, all-day and night cold feather-ruffling wind bursts, occasional icy rain or snow as expected later this week.   The nest is reportedly at 7000 feet (+/-30 feet); possibly with only one other California nest at that elevation or higher at Yellowstone National Park -- but no live video coverage there. 

Reports in "Chat" on "Friends" site are of Bald Eagle nests at higher elevations in Colorado mountains.   Nesting bald eagles there and in Canada tolerate temperatures to 30 degrees or  so below zero.  Snow, expected this Thursday, can serve as insulation but any freezing rain in the weeks ahead presents the more serious risk to the incubating eggs.  

Jackie is dedicated to keeping the incubating eggs warm, periodically turning them to aid proper chick development.   Shadow is equally dedicated, sometimes assuming the egg-warming task for several hours providing Jackie respite from the nest.   Periodically he also flies in to provide Jackie nourishment with freshly caught fish from picturesque Big Bear lake visible in the distance often featuring awesome solar-powered sunset videos.   

Here is the new Big Bear Bald Eagles YouTube live camera link: 

.....for any readers who want to follow these dedicated avians in their wildlife saga, especially since this could be the last year these eagles will remain in Big Bear.  

* * *

I’m dedicated, too, renewing my personal commitment to myself to engage in more life enhancing actions this New Year.   I gave myself an exercise device I have yet to take out of the box and setup for use, so I’m not off to a very good start.  

It’s as though once I ordered the item, then received the box I had accomplished what seemed like a really good idea.  Nothing could be further from the truth as I well know, but what happened to the enthusiasm I had when I came up with the idea?  I even got a price “deal” adding to my motivation this was a wise action I was taking. 

Have you thought you were dedicated to doing something, then somehow didn’t follow through quite like you fully intended to do?  

The road to you-know-where is paved with good intentions as the saying goes.  Maybe it’s not too late to get my act together.  How about you?


  1. Thanks for the link.I checked them out last year. I have book marked it and it seems from the comments, it is Shadow on the nest right now for he is constantly moving sticks around.
    As for equipment, I have a lovely treadmill sitting untouched in my guest house. Bad Patti.

  2. I hope the birds can find better ways to deal with change. We should be so good at it.

    I've made some changes with my writing; so I think we can adapt.

  3. Poor eagles … it seems that climate change hits everywhere. As to following through … I find if I commit to something it helps. For example I work Wed. and Friday at the Free Care Clinic working with the head nurse. She actually relies on me and that gives me the push I need.

  4. Someone posted on FB of a Bald EAgle nest they monitored with cameras becoming a Great Horned Owl nest this year. That is fun and different.

  5. I thought I was dedicated to writing, but failed miserably when I actually started work on a novel. After about 100 pages I got total writer's block and never finished it. I've written a few short stories but my dreams of being a great novelist didn't last very long.

  6. I resolved to write more and even made a rough list of topics. I have not yet done a thing about it.

    I do have a good excuse, however; I have taken in my mother for a week AND I have gotten sick. Give me an extension.