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On April 30th AT 5 PM US EDT, watch the International Jazz Day 2022 All-Star Global Concert, streamed live from the UN General Assembly Hall in New York, featuring dozens of acclaimed artists affirming the importance of jazz as a means of achieving unity and peace through dialogue and diplomacy.

"Paris and New York -- UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock ... announced the program for the 2022 celebration of International Jazz Day, with events taking place in more than 180 countries.

The flagship Jazz Day event, a spectacular All-Star Global Concert, will be staged in the UN General Assembly Hall, in NewYork, emphasizing the importance of jazz as a means of achieving unity and peace through dialogue and diplomacy.  With Herbie Hancock serving as Host and Artistic Director and John Beasley as Musical Director, the program is set to feature performances by some of the world's most accomplished jazz artists..."

The jazz day web site continues ...

"This concert will be webcast worldwide today on April 30th at 5 pm EDT/2 pm PDT/11 pm CET on,,, the International Jazz Day YouTube and Facebook channels, UN Web TV and US State Department outlets.  

Jazz carries a universal message with the power to strengthen dialogue, our understanding of each other, and our mutual respect.  As the world is affected by multiple crises and conflicts, this international day highlights how much music and culture can contribute to peace," said Institute Chairman Herbie Hancock, who co-chairs International Jazz Day with the Director-General of UNESCO."

There have been a number of exciting jazz artists I've heard in recent decades including vocalists, instrumentalists. bands.   Jazz is very alive, thriving and exciting as performed by creative and talented musicians in countries around the world even though less prominent to many in our country in recent decades.   

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Did you view Michael Douglas introducing on PBS-TV Saturday 30th International Jazz Day I first viewed Friday night the 29th as I write this.  Unforgettable performances were featured by Herbie Hancock, Andra Day, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves, Marcus Miller and many more.  

This introductory program closes with various artists with Sean Lennon, son of composer John, joining to sing his father's memorable "Imagine" so poignant for our world today.

Check your Public Television Station (PBS-TV) for the airdate and time you can access!

Upcoming Airdates on our local Los Angeles Southern California PBS-TV stations:

Saturday.   April 30       3 am PDT on PBS SOCAL TV 50

Wednesday, May.  4     10 pm PDT on KCET TV 28

Thursday,     May.   5.      2 am PDT on KCET TV 28

Click on this website's "EXTRAS" for videos of many jazz artists performances including "Manteca" featuring an unforgettable performance at the historic Gran Teatro de La Habana -- Latin America's oldest theater.


  1. Don't get any of those stations but I did recently see a clip of Sean singing "Imagine". One of my favorite songs of all time.

    1. Glad you were able to see “Imagine” sung by Lennon’s son, Sean, elsewhere. Sorry you don't have access to any PBS stations in your area that might air these two programs. On cable or satellite they would likely be different channel numbers and the introductory program could be aired on different days. Even the live UN Saturday program might be taped for airing again at a later date.

  2. Note: The actual UN INTL JAZZ DAY CONCERT was streamed live accessible on the internet at a YouTube or Facebook link provided above. Viewing on TV stations was not necessary. Some related jazz programs mentioned in this post's content can still be viewed.

  3. I always liked "Imagine." So appropriate for these times.

    1. The song’s lyrics do suggest an ideal world in which we can aspire to live.

  4. I have to look up where I can get this. I've always loved Lennon and "Imagine" is my favorite. I watch almost no TV nowadays because so much of it has been tainted by the lies of Trump. Thanks for writing this. I have always loved Jazz and can't wait to hear Sean Lennon singing "Imagine"

    1. He sings with the group and is seen for a short time only at the beginning of the program. There is another instance when he did sing a solo I recall seeing but not on any of these programs.