Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Indian Summer Suspense

Autumn season holds suspense for me each year as I look forward to the possibiity an Indian Summer might just materialize. I don't know if some lucky area will experience this unique seasonal event this year, or not. Those years when weather condidtions are such this special period of days occurs where I happen to be living, I find myself entranced for that brief time, almost as though my world has been encapsulated in a special dimension where summer seems to suddenly re-emerge when least expected.

Indian Summer is unpredictable yearly, but most likely to occur after a first frost's sudden sharp cold snap, as temperatures begin to dip toward the freezing weather colder climates experience. Just as I anticipate the onset of increasingly colder days and nights, I am suddenly offered this reprieve and reminder of these unexpected warmer days.

This unique time of year referred to as Indian Summer has been the focus of music and memories for many through the years. Those who appreciate the vocal abilities of harmonizing groups value the talent of those who independently blended their voices in the days before technology did it all for them. The Four Freshmen is one of several such favorite groups of mine. I had the good fortune to see them in performance and meet them at the peak of their popularity. You may listen to their rendition of "Indian Summer" HERE
(scroll down to the third featured album.)

"Summer, you old Indian Summer...."


  1. old favorites - The Four Freshmen. Have you read my post about meeting them? It's at Just Ask Judy.

  2. Your post was just what I needed this morning to help me get over a case of the blahs.

    I love the Four Freshmen.. my favorite song is "We'll Be Together Again."

    Thanks for reminding me to cheer up and listen to the wonderful singers of romantic songs that not only had a tune but had beautiful lyrics.

    You've made my day....... Thanks!

  3. I loved the Four Freshmen. Nobody sings like that anymore. Sigh.

  4. The Four Freshmen....boy, that brings back some vivid memories. Love that Indian Summer...but I'm just getting my Fall legs under me...and loving it. It's been surprising hot here the past couple of days. Thanks Joared...

  5. I love Indian Summers, too, but am not sure how it goes here in NM as the weather dips cooler at night. We've had one fire.