Sunday, October 21, 2007

100 Years -- Who? Me?

People over 100 years of age seem to be gradually increasing in number as our world's population ages. While I have more than a quarter of a century to go, I wonder, will I reach that centennial marker? Will I be healthy? How will my body continue to change in these years ahead? I've been physically changing all my life, so change is nothing new. What degree of mental changes, if any, will I experience? These are exciting interesting years, just as all my earlier ones have been. I expect these years to come to be the same -- exciting and interesting -- always in differing and unique ways.

Some information on aging issues recently came to my attention which I believe others may find of interest, too. The Los Angeles Times October 15, 2007 Health section has a "Special Issue: Aging Well" covering a variety of topics. One such article, "100 or older? There's a pattern" by Elena Conis, examines getting older around the world. Read this article by scrolling down to that title at the above link.


  1. Difficult question. Depends a lot on one's health I think.
    Thanks for the reference to the article.

  2. Having seen old age with relatives, I have always said I'd like to live to around 85 or 86 if I am so blessed but not much beyond that as the ones I have seen in their 90s are slowly withering away but it would all depend on the quality of life. Lately I see real oldsters who are still able to live on their own, stay active, and if I could live that way, then 100 would be fine. I just don't want to prolong the years of just existing.