Friday, October 19, 2007


Three Centuries of Living
(Added U.S.A. 10/20/07)

Krystyna: Even though it's the 21st in Australia, it's still the 20th in the U.S.A., so we can keep celebrating Olive's birthday here. Just happens to be my birthday, too, so I can continue celebrating for her as well as myself. Coincidentally, my mother was born the same year as Olive in 1899. Boggles my mind when I stop to think these ladies lived in the nineteenth century AND twentieth century AND NOW Olive is living in the twenty-first century! We can all only hope we continue to have as much fun as she appears to be having as we travel through these elder years. I'll bet Olive will even appreciate belated birthday wishes.

OCTOBER 20th 2007

Birthday Greetings to you, Olive --
Congratulations on being the oldest blogger

***Visit Olive in Australia through the magic of Internet blogging and wish her a happy birthday at "The Life of Riley."

My special message to Olive:

Olive, I've been enjoying reading your stories, seeing your pictures, soon after your first blog, or "blob" post, as you say. Thanks to your helper, Mike, for assisting you with creating such an interesting blog.

Your blog and DVD has been an additional inspiration for at least one Los Angeles area, California, USA, retirement community skilled nursing facility. Some individuals are temporarily there for rehabilitation and may leave for a higher level of care such as Assisted Living, or to Independent Living in the retirement community. Some return to their own homes. Others remain as permanent residents. All the individuals are usually Elders - age 50 years to 100, or older. One particular facility is preparing to explore providing a blogging opportunity for residents. Many will need a helper as you have.

There have been many smiles on the faces of residents who have seen your DVD movie. The movie will continue to be shared with other local groups.

I'll look forward to future accounts of your experiences, observations on life.

I wish you many more birthdays and posts to your "blob."