Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday Greetings '07-'08

Compassion, Tolerance, Peace On Earth

December is a time of year when various religious and other special celebrations occur. Events of most importance for some may have already been celebrated. Others have special holidays yet to be experienced.

Shared by all, usually, is a gathering of loved ones, family and friends on these occasions. Phone calls, emails, greeting cards and holiday letters across the miles may necessarily provide other individuals this feeling of connectedness we treasure especially during this winter season.

I have experienced these varied means of togetherness with those for whom I care and who care about me, just as each of you probably have, also. I've been present in family groups varying in size from large to very small, with even occasional holidays away from relatives during my lifetime. This year I am with a very few family, as our member numbers have been slowly diminishing for some years, as has been our ability to all travel and meet in one location.

Whatever the number of our individual family members and friends, I've come to believe those of us who are bloggers are able to experience a feeling of connectedness with each other, too. I think we realize we can come to feel we know and genuinely care about one another, so we exchange special greetings. We even have the opportunity to extend our good wishes in this unique written manner to others who simply read what we write, whether or not they leave a comment.

So warm sentiments are especially reserved for each and everyone who visits this blog. You are invited to take as much as you need of joy, happiness and love. Most importantly, please share these feelings with those with whom you have contact.

My special wish for you and the whole world is compassion, tolerance and peace on earth.


  1. Compassion, tolerance, and peace on earth. Precious gifts, indeed. Thank you for sharing them. My best to you and your family.

  2. Amen to "compassion, tolerance and peace on earth". These are ideals that I'm glad you so succinctly stated them. Let me add "acceptance" to the list.

    I like your observation that we bloggers are connected just as we are to our family, friends and others. Joared, peace to you and your family and friends.

  3. Hi Joared, I pressed the wrong key when I left the above comment.

  4. Yes, I do think we bloggers are connected. Wishing you a joyous celebration with those you love and are connected to - family and otherwise!

    Holiday Cheers from MotherPie.

    P.S. Hurray! Google/Blogger has changed the commenting to allow URL's with nicknames. I'm curious to see how this will come up in the comment section here after I post.

  5. "Tolerance, compassion and peace on earth." From your lips to those who don't yet comprehend.

    When I started blogging a year ago I had no idea how important my blogging friends would become to me. I was new to the net and saw the exercise as good therapy at a time when I was in need of some help.

    Therapy it was, but more than that, I have made friends with wonderful people. Wonderful, intelligent, interesting and funny people who seem to care about my little corner of the world as much as I care about them and theirs.

    I wish you peace, comfort and joy.

  6. What great words!!! All y'all have a godsend to me and that's the truth!!!!!

    I know plenty of people who don't believe that one makes real friends online but I know how grossly untrue that is.

    My friends here are as real and as true -- sometimes truer -- than my friends here.

    May the blessings of the holiday season be with you and yours now and always and bring you all the good things in life!!!!

  7. I too, feel that we, bloggers are connected. And yes, compassion, tolerance and peace on earth sounds like a wonderful wish for the year to come.
    Claude from Blogging in Paris

  8. Thank you for sharing your wise words. If the true meaning of any religious holiday were adhered to what a wonderful world this would be. How hatred, intolerance and war became tangled up with religious beliefs is beyond my understanding. I hope a future generation will be wiser and truly seek peace on earth.

  9. Beautifully put, my dear...And I am here to wish you a Very Very Happy New Year and the hope that 2008 will be the Best Year Ever, for you and for ALL those that you hold close and dear....!

    I have a "special" little video on my blog today especially for The New Year....I think it might make you smile! (lol)

  10. I certainly agree with you and hope the coming year will see positive changes, a redirecting for our nation. On an individual level-- happy New Year and hope this year brings you and yours good