Monday, December 03, 2007

"...A Stand Against S1959" -- Thought Crime

(Update: Another newspaper has printed in their Opinion section today, 12/03/07, a variation of a different letter I sent the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin they titled "Thought Police.")

I'm pleased to share with you that my local news media has provided a forum to inform citizens about "Thought Crime Bill" S1959 concerns. I hope even more media outlets across our country will respond to efforts others are initiating for that same purpose. Perhaps my experience described below will provide encouragement letter writing efforts can be productive.

The "Thought Crime Bill" S1959 is being brought to the attention of our local residents by my local newspaper, the Claremont Courier. This community has been extremely fortunate that this award-winning California publication has a long-standing history of presenting pertinent local, national and international issues, including controversial ones, to the attention of readers.

The Claremont Courier Opinion Section of the Saturday, December 1st bi-weekly edition headlined a letter I sent to the Editor, "Take a stand against S1959," giving me a byline. This issue does not yet appear on their website as I write this, so I'll print it here as suggested by Ronni Bennett at
"Time Goes By."

Thank you to Ronni for so effectively researching and writing about the "thought crime bill" concerns, then providing organized informative timely links to the most current information about the bill. We clearly need to continue our efforts to bring this bill to the attention of our fellow citizens through all the means at our disposal.

One individual can make a difference in our democracy/republic – especially when we are many, is my belief.

Letter to Claremont Courier:

"I strongly urge voters to contact our Senators Feinstein and Boxer to VOTE AGAINST S1959 The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism and Prevention Act of 2007.
"This bill's wording is couched in terms that can take away our First Amendment rights. The "thought crime" potential of this bill in the name of so-called security does as much to destroy our democracy as anything the terrorists are doing. My letter to this newspaper could be regarded as suspect should this amendment be passed. There is no reason to believe our President would veto the bill.

"I am not willing to give up any of my rights which have already been undermined by legislation. We should also ask our House Representative, David Drier, why he voted for the House Bill version 1955. In fact, only 6 Representatives from both political parties had the insight and courage to vote against the House Bill, or maybe they were the only ones who actually read it.

"I recommend you read this bill with a direct link at: and additional posts catalogued under this "thought crime bill." The blog writer was the first Managing Editor of one of the major television network Internet news organizations. She brings the highest journalism standards to her writing. Current media has failed to bring this pertinent issue to the attention of the American public.

"I am strongly opposed also to any sort of legislation that would limit and curtail my right to express my and others views and opinions on my blog and the Internet. This Senate bill's current wording creates that possibility, too. I embrace Jay Rosen's statement that 'Blogs are Little First Amendment Machines.' "(Bold Print Added.)

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  1. What an outstanding letter!!!!! You said it and you said it very, very well. I am so proud of you for writing it and your local newspaper for featuring it!

    Since my newspaper tends to back the Republican stance, I doubt if my letter would be published but I think I'm going to try anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your letter. It's a great example!

  2. I do not understand how so few Representatives voted AGAINST this Bill. This is scary as hell! And what you said in your letter, So Very True!!! I don't think I have ever been as depressed about the state of Democracy in our beloved country, as I am today....Even during the time of The Black List and Joe was bad, YES....very Bad....But THIS IS SO MUCH WORSE, it really scares the hell out of me and makes me feel there is no hope for our country....The Terrorists in "office" right here in America, are much more frightening to me than the so called 'terrorists' from without....The politics of FEAR as practiced by the powers that be, is shameful beyond words. SHAMEFUL, SHAMEFUL!

    About Bee Poop: I was not familiar with that! I haven't seen any...! Thanks for that link, too....A little something to 'lighten the load', if you will excuse the!

  3. This is much too complicated for a foreigner to grasp, Joared, so I won't comment about it, I'd only say stupid things ;) but I am grateful for the bit about blogger new policy.
    I think I have found a bit of a workaround which I have explained on my blog.

    Claude from Blogging in Paris

  4. It is so frustrating when the newspapers ignore such an important and dangerous piece of legislation.
    I wrote two letters to the Editor on this bill and neither one got published.

    I guess you hit the nail on the head when you indicated that it must have remained unread. What are we sending these idiots to Washington for anyhow?

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  6. Steve, there is no way for a non blogger user to add a URL if you use a nickname. This is really going against communication.


  7. Hello,

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  8. Appreciate the comments from everyone about how those without Google/Blogger accounts can more easily comment. I'd like a short statement I can place close to the comment section of each blog post so they'll know exactly what to do if they choose. Am just not tech savvy enough to know how to word that line.

  9. Blog policy does not allow publishing comments with embedded links which are clearly sneaky efforts to obtain free advertising or promotion.