Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Thought Crime Bill" Update -- TGB/RB Musing

Thought Crime Bill -- S1959 The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism and Prevention Act of 2007 (Read the Bill HERE)

Here's an update on my efforts to bring the "Thought Crime Bill" S1959 to my Legislators' attention. The present early result is one email response. Sen. Barbara Boxer's email to me actually addresses the subject matter about which I wrote. Many of us have commented previously that most of the time the responses we receive from our Congresspersons have little or no relation to our questions or comments. (See my "Politicians Communication Shortcomings" post November 7, 2007 in archives.)

Sen. Boxer writes words to the effect my point of view will be considered if the issue about which I wrote comes before her according to this paraphrase of her standard form response. There is no indication of what her stance will be when the vote is called. I'm awaiting a response from one more Senator and accountability from my House Representative as to why he voted for this Bill. Yet to be seen is if there will be any reader comments to these letters. I wonder if others are receiving any responses from their efforts?

The Bill is in the Senate now, but the expected vote will likely be soon this month. For new readers and others, I believe it's important we each contact our Senators and make our views known that this bill's wording has the potential for taking away our rights, that we are AGAINST passage of S1959. Read the Bill and other related posts in the "S1959 'Thought Crime Bill Index' " at links still available at "Time Goes By" written by Ronni Bennett.

Two of three newspapers to whom I sent letters, printed the information. (See my previous post.) We have very important reasons to express our views on this and other issues -- as citizens, to help preserve our freedom -- as elders, to help shape our country for our children and generations to come.

I continue to believe one person can make a difference with their actions, especially when that one person becomes many.

Musing About...
"Time Goes By" - Ronni Bennett

For anyone experiencing absence pains from Ronni Bennett's sudden "cold turkey" word and idea withdrawal, and for newcomers, you might enjoy reading Parts I and II of a recent interview Ronni gave at "Boomer 411." She provides a link to both parts of that interview in the "Time Goes By" introduction of today's story at "The Elder Storytelling Place."

I'm still in a state of disbelief that Ronni Bennett has "shut down" her blog permanently. I believe her writings to be unique -- intelligent, humorous, and so many other adjectives which I could use. Perhaps I've taken her and the blog for granted, believing she and the community that formed around her would always be here throughout the rest of my life since I'm older. At my age, given the losses in my life, as probably many others have experienced, I should know better than to allow myself to adopt that attitude.

Somehow I like to believe she will re-surface, sharing her words and talents in some way, somewhere. If she doesn't, most important to me is that whatever she does, wherever she goes, that her life is filled with pleasure and happiness. I also hope Crabby Old Lady continues to express her views somewhere. Already, I miss "Time Goes By" and I miss Ronni Bennett.


  1. I miss Ronni, too -- and it's only been a couple of days!

    Like you, I'd like to think she will resurface somewhere once she's had time off to rethink and recuperate.

  2. Yes, I miss Ronni terribly. Every day she was the one I turned to for a stimulating discussion on a variety of subjects.

    Ronni is so smart and I do hope she misses having an outlet for her opinions and thoughts, and with any luck she will take a nice rest and come back to us.

    I loved sending stories in to The Elder Story Telling Place and having readers comment on what I had written.

    It will be a long time before I stop clicking on Time Goes By the first thing in the morning.

  3. Jorad
    I too miss Ronni and I have a hard time understanding why she left. I do think there is more to her decision to close TGB other than the cranky emails she received. Perhaps she is tired and just needs a well deserved rest and soon she will resurface.
    I hope so.

  4. There was a void in my morning when I turned my computer on and found that Time Goes By only had stories. I loved the stories, but it couldn't compensate for the empty feeling I had when I was unable to get my 'fix' from reading Ronni's post. I, too, miss her and I know I will for a long , long time.

  5. Thank you for the great post on the Though Crimes Bill. I am appalled and disgusted with the Democrats on this...What is happening to this country?

    Keep up the good work. I've contacted my congressmen and written letters to the editor about this. Since the system is broken, all we have left is our ability to speak up very loudly. Thanks for adding your voice to the chorus. Peace

  6. All of you who miss TGB and Ronni: Seems we all want her back and miss her, but also want her to do what is best for her. I'd say that's a pretty strong indication of the respect and affection we all feel for her.

    pissled and spoiling for a fight:
    Yeah, I am too! Clearly both of our major political parties as well as our press are letting us down on safeguarding our rights of free speech and expression. I don't understand why more people in this country aren't truly upset about this. I guess because they really don't know about it.

    I will never derive any pleasure from saying "I told you so" if we all wake up one morning in the future, only to discover the gradual eroding of our rights has crossed that line to a stage of unacceptable loss.