Sunday, February 01, 2009

Rose Parade - 2009 - Part II

(Note: Rose Parade and float information that follows includes some wording, partial quotes I want to credit as having originated in the 2009 Official Souvenir Rose Parade Program I purchased at the parade. The Editor is Caryn Eaves; Contributors: Anne Dullagahan, Melissa Flores, Miranda Spradlin, Monique Willis.)

(One other note: I regret in every instance with multiple pictures of a float, they are in the reverse sequence of how I entered them for publication and the order in which they were photographed. Since this Rose Parade series is my first effort with posting photos and videos to my blog I clearly have more to learn about these reverse technical aspects. Actually, this second installment was ready to post the day after the first, but I became over confident with the ease at which I had prepared my first effort and tried to get fancy with picture placement. That post on preview was unpublishable. This is the earliest I could find time to undertake correction since basically, I had to start over. I am again disappointed, but it's viewable. It is too late (early wee hours) and I'm too tired to change the photos order now.

I continue to have a heavy work load in the world outside the blogosphere. Am acquiescing to the fact I can't cut these late hours and work long days, too, as I could only a few years ago. When I can pursue the technical aspects, succeeding Rose Parade posts will be forthcoming since they're already written. Thank you for your patience.)

Appearing after the sky writer, B2 and historic bikes seen in the preceding January piece Rose Parade 2009 Anticipation, the next-generation FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle 2009 Honda Pace Car came rolling by, the first such vehicle to lead the Tournament of Roses Parade.

The "Hats Off To Entertainment" theme banner came next carried by Eagle Scouts and Gold Award Girl Scout troops.

You can see just a glimpse of the United States Marine Mounted Color Guard followed by The United States Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band. The Mounted Color Guard Marines rode past mounted on Palomino mustangs which have been adopted from the Bureau of Land Managements 'Adopt A Horse' program. These are active-duty marines who volunteer their off-duty time to train their mounts and perform precision color guard movements.

Horse lovers with and without horses might enjoy this Horseyset link.

Excitement prevailed with the appearance of the 49 foot tall, formally clad replica of American Honda's humanoid robot, ASIMO.

ASIMO tipped his hat.

"Saturday Matinee" depicted film strips and entertaining characters moviegoers have enjoyed through cinema's history.

Strikingly attractive was "Mechanical Melodies" self-built by the La Canada Flintridge Tournament of Roses Association.

"Hee Haw" from RFD-TV, the nation's first 24-hour television network dedicated to serving the needs and interest of rural America, paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of that television show.

Following along were the "All American Cowgirl Chicks"

"Entertaining Exhibition" was a really lovely entry with outstanding floral design winning the Sweepstakes Trophy.

Another spectacular float "Making A Splash" from Mission Viejo caught our attention.

"Hope Grows" showcased bundles of colorful flowers courtesy of Vera Bradley. A pink ribbon attached to the watering can handle highlights the fight against breast cancer.

Our Hawaiian family members were especially proud of the Hawaii All-State Marching Band Kaneohe, Director: John R. Riggle.

University of Southern California - USC's Spirit Squad, float, Trojan and the Band excited the crowd preparatory to their afternoon Rose Bowl football game.

The enthusiasm of the crowds of people around us was contagious as everyone was constantly cheering some lively individual performers, bands, and floats that continued coming our way.

We were impressed with the 27th entry Royal British Legion Youth Band Brentwood Essex, England – Band Director, John Wyndham. Their performance was accented by their uniforms fashioned from those the British Army wore in 1905, which included black helmets, red tunics and black trousers with a red stripe.

A short time after the band passed out of our sight we became aware of First Aid Station drama at a location diagonally across the street from our bleacher seating. A British band marcher identified by the bright red uniform was spotted being brought in for treatment. We watched with concern hoping one of the ambulances lined up nearby would not have to be utilized. Eventually we noted the helmetless bright red uniform-wearer walking about independently and were greatly relieved, speculating that probably the marcher needed only re-hydration.

Our outdoor temperatures were cool and comfortable as we never removed our jackets. We were seated in the shade, but parade participants were constantly in the sun expending much energy.

"Salute To The USO" from the city of Alhambra had as its backdrop a 45-foot-long Amercian Flag composed of various flowers and carnations.

More photos and videos of our 2009 Rose Parade experience will continue next time.


  1. It can be very frustrating, when you are first learning how to post photos, to find that they post in reverse order. Eventually you will get to the point where posting in reverse order will come naturally - but it takes a while....LOL

    Very nice photos and interesting commentary! I had to miss the parade on TV this year, so it is really nice to see parts of it here.

  2. Oh don't worry about the order of the photos JoAnn....they are wonderful...and you took so many. I just love the floats. I really love marching bands too. I missed watching the parade this year so this is just great! I love the Entertaining Expedition floats with the animals on them....Outstanding. And I loved the 'Salute To The USO' float with the American flag....that was just beautiful. Really nice post JoAnn....

  3. Beautiful photos!!!!! I've always loved the Rose parade since I was a little girl.

  4. I love the Tournament of Roses Parade, it's probably the best time of the year for me. I wish that they would have two for the year. Maybe a winter one. Right?

  5. My daughter is one of the All American Cowgirl Chicks and is in one of your wonderful photos of the parade. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the picture? She has ridden in the parade 4 years and will be riding again this year but I have never been able to go myself. She is the blonde on the black horse and her name is Ginger. Thanks

  6. Anon Mother of Ginger -- All American Cowgirl Chicks -- I hope you see this:

    I apologize for the delayed posting of your comment but have been pre-occupied with family. I just discovered you provided no link to which I can email you the requested photo. Email me privately at and I'll be pleased to send you the photo.

  7. Thanks so much, I will.