Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Almost Forgot ..... A Special Occasion

My mail arrived containing an envelope that clearly looked and felt like a greeting card of some sort was inside. I wondered to my self what was the occasion that would prompt a card? I carefully slid the letter opener along the envelopes flap, removed the card and read the words that answered my question .....


B I R T H D A Y !

Why, yes, I realized, I am another year older.

The sentiments inside the card brought tears to my eyes as I knew they were heartfelt personal expressions from the sender.

Do others tend to forget their birthdays, too, as they've gotten older, I wonder?

Of course, the day rarely goes unnoticed by others who care about us so we aren't likely to completely forget the day, and I don't want to. That card arrived yesterday, the day before my birthday which is today, so I'll have all day long to celebrate.

Last year at this time I was visiting my son and his wife. We drove to northern Michigan where we enjoyed dinner with his wife's parents. Coincidentally, my daughter-in-law's mother's birthday falls on the same date as mine, or is it that my birthday falls on the same date as hers? A dear friend who lived in Florida and I also shared the same birth date.

I passed on a last minute opportunity suggested by friends a couple weeks ago for a long desired repeat of a driving trip my husband and I took years ago up the east coast to Maine during peak fall colors. My friends flight east leaves today. Maybe another year. We'll enjoy their photo journal after they return and we experience one of our laughter-filled weekends together.

You may check WeatherChannel.com for fall foliage maps across the United States. Some lovely fall photos can be seen on that web site, also.

Time for me to start celebrating. This song holds special significance to me. I initially heard this musical arrangement at my then very young daughter's first dance recital. I think I'll listen to it again today.

Kool and the Gang's YouTube video can't be embedded so I'll have to click on this link to "Celebration."Why don't you join me?


  1. Happy belated birthday. I don't forget the day when it approaches, but I often forget the number of years I've toted up. Why is it so hard to remember exactly how old you are?

  2. Happy Birthday, Jo Ann. I hope this year brings you much joy, good health and wonderful happy times.

    I would bake you a cake, but I don't think it would survive the trip. So I will just send a virtual birthday cake. (Or I would if I knew how to add paste to comments without losing this page.) Anyhow, have a great day and pamper yourself.

  3. Virginia: I often forget the number of years, too, and have to subtract my birth year from the current year to figure it out. Told my Dr. once I was a year older than I was and he started laughing, saying, "No you're not!"

    Darlene: Thanks for the virtual birthday cake -- tastes good -- that's probably the best kind for me since doesn't add too many calories.

    Am pampering myself tempered by the news just received that my 14 yr old granddtr and her mother both have the swine flu. They hadn't decided if they would take the vaccine but it wasn't yet available where they live, so seems that's a moot point now. They're on tamiflu, earlier symptoms past, still sudden temp going up periodically, lots and lots of hard body racking coughing.

  4. Oh JoAnn...it's the end of the day...but Happy Birthday sweetie. I hope you had a nice day and did something Special for yourself in some way. I tend to let my birthday come and go these days without much fanfare...well, we go out to dinner and such I guess, me and my two kids who live nearby. And I get cards and calls and sometimes presents are involved...always nice; but I myself just let them slide right on by these days...just like any other day. Happy Birthday dear friend.... Love, Joy

    P.S. I'm sorry to hear about your granddaughter and her mother getting the swine flu. I hope they are better very soon. What is with doctors not having it available. My daughter's doctor doesn't have it the regular flu vaccine available, and she is very nervous. She's been calling for weeks. She hasn't gotten the Swine vaccine yet either.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday!

    My small family, consisting of two sisters, and I always go out to dinner together on each other's birthdays. So I usually remember the birthday but often have to do the math in order to figure out how old I am. That seems to be what I have a hard time remembering. I'm an October baby myself!

    I've always like the song "Celebration" also.

  6. Happy Birthday Jo Ann. Hope you have a happy and healthy year.

    Thanks for sharing "Celebration" with all of us. Love the song too!!

  7. Before I forget: Somewhat belated birthday wishes for all good things to you, Joared!

    Joared & Alan G: You are making me jealous. I too must do the math to know how old I am; however, I have one devil of a time thinking what year it is. I'm apt to grab any old year that has been within my life span when I try to think of or write a date.

    I think we women are particularly good at forgetting our own birthdays since it usually falls to us to be the one who "makes a fuss" over such things. My mom was the best at "making a fuss"; but, no one else in our family has taken up her mantel.
    Cop Car

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  9. Joy: Thanks for the birthday greeting. I had an enjoyable day, nothing special. Morning started with a doorbell ring and beautiful flowers arrived, phone calls, email conversations since so many family far away.

    Understand there's a shortage of all flu vaccines -- the regular one because the producers cut back to produce the swine flu vaccine, but then because they were getting started late on it the supply seems to be limited and even later arriving. Several planned regular flu vaccine fairs planned here as every year, but were canceled at the last minute because the vaccine didn't arrive. Later they've come. My Dr. managed to find a regular shot for me, but swine flu vaccine still not here yet. Not sure if I'll take it, though as a health care worker I may need to.

    Alan G.: How lucky you are to have your sisters close by so you can all celebrate together. I'll bet a mouse in the corner would hear some interesting stories recalled from your youth.

    Millie: Thanks for the good wishes. Hope that tune got you up dancin'!

    Cop Car: I forget, what was it you said in your comment? As for the year, isn't it always 19...something or other?

    Yeah, some people are good at making bigger fusses over birthdays than others. I don't remember a lot of fuss being made as I was growing up. My favorite as an adult was when my Jr. Hi son made me a birthday cake and accidentally started a fire in the kitchen. He knew exactly what to do, quickly put out the fire from what he learned in elementary school. He grabbed the baking soda container his older sister had devised when her class years earlier had studied the same program.

  10. I'm Late! I'm Late! For a most important date!

    Happy birthday, my friend!

  11. A Belated Happy Birthday to you Joared, and many many many more Happy & Healthy years....Hope you "Celebrated" in style! That is a very Happy song and perfect for a Birthday Celebration.

  12. Yes, the year is usually 1981 or 1948 or 19....

  13. Awwwwwwww shucks!!!! I'm late!!!! How 'bout I give Bill Tressel a call and have him make sure the Buckeyes give you a big 'W' for your birthday tomorrow? :-)

  14. Pattie: Never too late to accept a birthday wish.

    OldOldLady: Thanks for your birthday greeting!

    Kay: SO-O-O-O-O good to hear from you. Sure, I'll take that 'W' from Tressel.