Monday, October 12, 2009

Blogs of Interest

During the past months I slipped into my blog roll without fanfare some more blogs I enjoy visiting. They deserve a bit more attention in case you aren’t already aware of them and haven’t already been visiting them.

“Photoblogging In Paris” features the photographic delights that Claude shares with us from Paris and her travels elsewhere.

I first enjoyed Claude’s commentary and photos in her blog titled “Blogging In Paris.”

Claude has created a new blog emphasizing her photography. I am ever more mesmerized by the wide range of colorful photos she offers from that of the simplest objects, ancient to current architectural locations, spectacular scenes and lovely flowers that bring much viewing pleasure. Her most recent post visually showcases her trip plans to a faraway exotic location. I’m looking forward to the forthcoming photographs.

"Darlene’s Hodgepodge" is a most enjoyable visit with a variety of interesting commentary from the humorous to extremely serious. Her Southwest perspective includes sharing photos and family accounts that enable me to know her better. Sometimes pithy observations on current pertinent issues accentuate her advocacy on matters such as health care reform that is of such vital concern today.

Darlene evidences such a positive outlook that encourages me on effectively adjusting to health changes as they occur throughout our lives. She has had the unique experience of receiving a cochlear implant to enable her to hear again, some of the details of which she has interestingly shared. Most recently I’ve been fascinated with her occasional accounts of the re-learning process required to appreciate the pleasures of listening to music again.

"Hattie’s Web" takes me many places including to Hawaii’s Big Island which holds special personal interest to me. I’m always interested in what’s happening with Pele’, the periodically erupting volcano whose continuing lava flow into the Pacific Ocean is actually increasing that State’s size. What other U.S. State can say their land mass is growing? If Pele’ begins ‘dancing,’ as I like to characterize what happens when her lava flows, Hattie will know and share her observations. During Pele’s long quiet times I can enjoy the variety of Hattie’s commentary.

I’ve been virtually traveling with Hattie recently to some delightful European locations. Now that she has returned home she’s written a fascinating piece providing a list with brief reviews of many books she’s been reading. Hattie is not shy about expressing her views on the vital issues affecting Island life locally and nationally, often raising broad-ranging ideas that are important to me, too, on the Mainland.

Hope you enjoy visiting these bloggers as much as I do. I’ll be adding some new blogs I've recently started reading very soon.


  1. I am privileged to know all but Hattie, which I will remedy now. I have an interest in Kilauea too, after visiting there in 1984 - the very day before it started erupting! I felt so cheated that I didn't see it erupt.

  2. Always looking for blogs that I might find interesting....

    Have been a long-time fan of Claude's blogs and her photographs. One of my digital cameras as a matter of fact is based on her recommendations. She has such a good eye for photography!

    Thanks for the reviews and suggestions!

  3. Oh my goodness, Joared, I am so humbled by your including my blog as one of interest. Thank you for your very kind words. I am doubly honored by your comments because your blog is one I admire so much. Your writing is outstanding.

    Mucho gracias from the Southwest.

  4. You picked three terrific blogs JoAnn...all ones I've read for a long time. I haven't been to Claude's for quite a quite a while, but I use to go all the time...her photography was always so beautiful. I am a very frequent visitor to Darlene and Hattie's sites...and I just love them both. They are unique in their own way...and in their own voices. They speak their minds; which I love and they have great insight and opinions. They are both such dear ladies. I think they are a joy to have in our blogging community. Again...great choices....all three ladies...

  5. Wow! Thanks for the compliments, Joared! They are going right to my head, which, as you know, is very bad for people like me, who should remain humble.
    I enjoy your blog very much, too.