Saturday, November 07, 2009

Congress Listen -- Americans Want Change!

Congressional Senators, Representatives -- are you listening?

The American people are angry!

The American people want change, Change, CHANGE!

We don’t care to which political party you’ve given your allegiance, since both major parties have been betraying the American people through too many Administrations.

We don’t like much of what you’ve done for many years, regardless of the political party in power, or who is President.

We don’t like much of what you’ve NOT DONE for many years, either, including allowing our health care and social security systems to flounder without taking truly meaningful measures to ensure their solvency.

We don’t reject the idea of jettisoning both major political parties for a third party committed to the American people over the special interests you’ve come primarily to represent.

We don’t like what you’re doing now to protect the commercial interests over the interests of the individual in the instance of health care reform.

We don’t like the fact that all American citizens will not have health insurance.

We don’t like that many of you ignore the fact the majority of American citizens want a public option in our health care reform.

We don’t like the fact so many of you are determined to provide for-profit insurers more money by requiring citizens buy insurance from those companies rather than providing a truly viable competitive public option choice.

We don’t like the fact you’re not willing to make available an affordable health care plan to all American citizens such as we offer you.

We don’t like the fact some of you made an effort to hoodwink us into believing adding a “trigger” to a healthcare plan was an effective helpful addition rather than the meaningless proposal it was.

We don’t like all the campaign contribution $monies$ you receive from for-profit insurance and pharmaceutical companies with the unsavory implications that behavior suggests.
(Readers, check on “Open Secrets” the $$$$ your Representative(s) and Senator(s) have received.)

We don’t like the fact that financial markets self-policing regulating authorities did not do their job leading to banks, investment houses, other institutions dissolving and little has since been done to correct that situation.

We don’t like the fact that through the years government regulations were eliminated contributing mightily to the financial markets collapsing debacle.

We don’t like the fact that what market and government financial regulations did exist were not enforced.

We don’t like the fact that meaningful regulations are not now being established for both our banking industry and the financial markets.

We don’t like the fact that financial insiders from the previous Administration literally gave away our tax money to the financial world which the current Administration enabled while individual citizens continue to receive little or no benefit.

We don’t like the fact our tax monies were given to all those banking corporate entities without requiring accountability.

We don’t like the fact so many years went by and so little was done to address the critical issues surrounding climate change.

We don’t like the fact that even now select energy commercial interests are being promoted by many of you under the guise of responsiveness to climate change, despite knowing those companies products are detrimental to citizens health.

We don’t like the implication you do not respect American citizens strongly expressed views as evidenced when you disregard us.

Quite frankly, there are many more actions you've taken, or non-actions, that we don’t like, but I’ll let others describe those here or elsewhere.


  1. It seems Washington is so corrupt, that whoever is there right now is probably doing the work of the lobbyists but just putting in someone new won't solve it. If you looked at who the conservative party ran in upstate New York, that guy had no clue about the problems of his local district. He had one agenda and one agenda legislators won't help any of us get a better government. This is a time we have to be well informed more than any other and most people are so turned off by it all that they are becoming less informed.

    The insurance bill, without a meaningful public option, is going to mean higher bills for anybody buying insurance. Without a way to make them lower their profits, something not on the table that I have seen, the increase in costs will be born by us through our premiums and taxes. We (and all of our same age friends) got our notification for what our supplemental policy will cost for next year-- double. For those without a supplemental of any sort, who are on Medicare, the cost you will bear will only show up if you have something go wrong and have to pay that 20% that Medicare doesn't cover. If health care reform does nothing to bring down costs (something I don't see but don't know given the size of it) the end result will be the shaft for everybody except those corporations and Congress (both parties).

  2. My husband was just in Washington, where lawyers and lobbyists are still dining out in first class restaurants on K street and swilling down $200.00 bottles of wine. What do they care about the plight of Americans outside the Beltway?
    We have to rethink our situation from the grassroots all the way up to the top.

  3. To words: Damned right!!!!

    Suggestion: make lobbyists illegal! (Now the Secret Service or FBI wikk be looking for me. If I disappear, call somebody!)

    Encouragement: Sing it, sister!!!!
    I think you've put it all in a nutshell here!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well said! Thank you for visiting My Muskoka !
    I shall be back!