Sunday, November 01, 2009

Enjoyable Blog Varieties

Here are a few enjoyable blog varieties that I've placed on my blogroll with more to be added later. These are receiving some long overdue recognition here. They are randomly listed with no significance to their order.

'Elder Music' with Peter Tibbles appears as a regular feature on “Time Goes By” (a blog already listed here.) You might want to visit there if you’ve been missing his Sunday musical features. He has been a radio disc jockey becoming familiar with all genres’ of music as you’ll read in his profile. I note he is on Facebook, but I don’t believe he has a blog. I’m sure he’ll welcome comments on TGB, or any you want to leave him here.

(Correction added following Peter's comment here -- he is NOT on Facebook. Sorry, my mistake, Peter.)

Peter’s ‘Elder Music’ posts generally include music audio/videos such as his recent “Classical Again – Part 2 of 3.” He interestingly integrates little-known facts about the composers, music and performers. His earlier writings with music have focused on “Fifties EPs,” “Pop Music Through The Years,” and “Some Jazz.” Unusual music groupings include “Songs You Love To Hate.” He also offers “Australian Pop” allowing us to experience music tastes of another nation some of which are the same as our own. I expect we can continue to look forward to more entertaining music Sundays with Peter. You might want to check some of his earlier music offerings at 'Elder Music.' if you’ve missed any of them.

You’ll note some other 'Elder Music' listings, too, with commentary written by TGB’s Ronni Bennett including titles like: “Cat Songs,” “Dog Songs.” “Old TV Tunes,” “Happy Music” and some all time favorites written by “Johnny Mercer.” Cowtown Pattie at “Texas Trifles” even provides an enthusiastic offering of “Texas Tunes.”

"Xtreme English" writes “love notes to the English language.” Avid readers, especially elders, will appreciate her profile note you’ll want to be sure to see. Her blog writing offers some serious thoughts with a sometimes humorous undertone – often of incredulity when it comes to our nation and the world functioning sanely, or is it insanely? Consider her recent post, “Yup, that’s what we need all right, more WAR we can’t pay for.”

I was especially intrigued with her October 2nd piece “Things to Think About” with “TED” video. She features some really delightful classical music on several subsequent posts. One, includes a true story of our times about an extremely talented well-known celebrity musician and his musical performance experience in a Washington, D. C. Metro Station.

This is another blog I have enjoyed during my sometimes erratic blog visiting travels. Finally, I’m adding her to my blog roll. I know it’s a cliché’ and writers are supposed to avoid using them, but ….. better late than never.

"Cyberspace Dawdler" by Alan G. has come to my attention more recently. I’ve enjoyed my visits there which all started, as best I can recall now, with a discussion about fish. To be more precise, carp. A link Alan G. provided led me to a fascinating story about a particular type of carp that can be deadly to fisherman with it’s wild leaping out of the water – grass carp. He actually caught one, and lived to tell about it! You best read the true fish story: 'Hello, Catfish' posted Sept. 26.

Fishing isn’t all Alan G. does, he writes songs. He is a musician, after all, so he's written an original piece or two. Inspiration comes in many ways, so you must read another of his true stories about how 'The Tomato Song' (posted Oct. 7th) came to be.

Fishing and being a musician isn’t all he’s ever done since he’s also had “a real job” like every self-respecting musician I’ve ever known (not counting the mega-stars) usually says. You can read about all that on his "Cyberspace Dawdler."

Getting back to some of his other blog posts…..these titles intrigued me:
'How naïve were you waaaaay back then…..?'(posted Oct. 23.) Time is the fifties, there were words we didn’t say and finger gestures we did not do, if we were nice. I had lots of laughs reading Alan’s account of his youthful learning experience, adding one of my own, about what they all meant.

And then there’s the 'Proust Questionnaire,' but you can explore his blog and find that on your own. I think by now you gain a sense there is occasional irreverence in some of what he writes. If you enjoy reading a good story, having a few laughs, getting your memories for the “old days” tickled, even thinking a bit more seriously on some current topics, then you’ll want to click yourself over to "cyberspacedawdler."

I’ll be writing about more blogs to be added to my blog roll another time.


  1. I read Alan and know about peter, but I'll check out the other one. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Joared….

    Thanks so much for the recommendation and your kind words regarding my blog.

    It’s always a joy to know others can relate to our life experiences, interests, thoughts and opinions and that our personal writings can often cause a reader to be nudged enough to comment or share similar feelings about the subject matter. And I suppose at our age it goes without saying we have lots of all of those things to share if we so choose.

    Again, thank you very much….Alan

  3. I haven't visited time goes by for awhile and will stop by now thanks for the nudge..

    Dorothy from grammology

  4. I read all of them except Cyberspace Dawdler but I will be checking it out . . . and probably adding it . . . like I haven't enough blogs to neglect. Sigh. I'm hopeless!!!

  5. Thanks for your kind words about my weekly piece on TimeGoesBy. Just one thing, I’m not on Facebook. If there’s a Peter Tibbles there it’s some other one.
    Peter Tibbles

  6. Much like Kay Dennison, I read all except Alan G's blog. Alan G & I have traded comments over at Ronni's and I can only assume that I've never before had the patience to wait on Cyberspace Dawdler to complete downloading. During the download, CD appears to have dark print on dark background; so, I suspect that I passed it up as unreadable.

    Thanks for sending me over there so that I could learn that only a small portion of Alan G's webpage is hard to read. I do appreciate him!
    Cop Car

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