Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Enjoyable Blogs Part 2

"Grammology" with Dorothy offers a variety of topics about family, parenting, travel, health and career from “Gramma’s” perspective. Earlier this month she elicited comments from readers as to whether or not they planned to take the flu, pneumonia shots and get vaccinated for the H1N1 Swine flu. She wrote about her husband’s hip surgery and the same day having a grandchild born. Coping with even one of these events alone can be quite enough I would think, but we aren’t given those choices.

Currently Gramm shares some thoughts about happiness in relation to our personal self-esteem. Earlier pieces have her waxing philosophical at times wondering about taking time to enjoy the moment. She engages in questions regarding our young teenagers relationships, how they view love and sex. For those of us interested in the ideas, beliefs of the younger generation today, especially if we have grandchildren, or want to compare current thinking to our own childrens views and our own, a topic such as this can be very informative. I’m always interested in what’s the same and what’s different with other people, other generations, other cultures from my own perspective.

This blog has had visits from me periodically for a long time, so needs to join my blogroll.

"gabbygeezer" is the moniker former newspaper editor Dick Klade has adopted. I’ve always had a pretty negative view of “geezer” term usage applied to males. It has always conjured a picture in my mind of a less than respectable really old man. Perhaps it’s another of those stereotyped words and I need to view the term in a much lighter, even humorous vein. Reading his profile he certainly sounds respectable enough, has written a couple of books, not that book writing automatically makes one respectable. He describes the contents of one of his books as featuring stories much like those he writes for publishing on his blog.

My interest in reading more of what he writes was captured when I clicked on the 2006 Archive button and read the July 12th post, "Give Yourself A Proper Sendoff," I’ve decided what he proposes is the way to prepare “…for life’s last great journey” as he candidly words it. I highly recommend you click your way over to Dick’s blog, read that post. Furthermore, I think we all might want to consider writing for ourselves as he did for himself – sort of our last blog and testament.

Dick is a blogger who has more than a passing interest in the Green Bay Packers football team, but then living in Wisconsin I shouldn’t expect less. You’ll find a few blog pieces about his Packers as he examines their current woes. His last piece, as I write this, raises concern over a one-time favored Packer player who returns home now playing for their arch rival’s team. The score is in on that game, so I wonder what Dick will have to say on that matter?

Those Packer fans are never lacking in passion for their football team. After all, the town’s residents own the team, as my football fan husband explained to me years ago. The town’s whole population are avid Packer supporters. I recall in the early sixties a young Green Bay couple we met at a southern Ohio university. The fortunes of the then invincible Packer team was uppermost in their minds and conversation throughout the season. Better that you read for yourselves in one of his earlier pieces what Dick has written about the Packer’s and Green Bay resident’s $$ investments than my trying to explain.

“Grapplin’ with Gremlins” Oct. 15th Dick poses some interesting observations he’s noticed between keyboarding type on a computer screen and “print appearing in ink on paper.” It is a puzzle and one about which I hadn’t thought before. I expect he might be interested in knowing whether or not any of you reading this have been aware of what he reports observing. So, click over their and share your opinion.

"First 50 Words" is the blog where Virginia DeBolt introduces written ideas, generally accompanied by thought provoking pictures, inviting readers to “Write the first 50 words of your story in a comment.” I find writing limited to 50 words to be an enjoyable experience since I try to rigidly adhere to that number. No doubt more serious writers use this blog as a stimulating writing exercise, with some even developing complete stories from their created beginning. I’ve considered continuing some of my own offerings after I leave there, and may well do that some day.

Some of the more interesting recent writing prompts there are accompanied by a variety of photos, faces most of us would recognize. Take a look, you might be motivated to write about “A Beautiful Woman,” or a “A Handsome Man.” Then, there’s “Happy,” “Sad,” “Honey.” I’ll bet we could all write an interesting story on “Customer Service, “ or how about “Twirl,” – that could send our thoughts circling in a dance. Here are a couple of the most recent topics, “Crane,” and the humorous idea “The Cat Set Back.”

I started visiting this blog periodically soon after I started my own blog. I don’t know what has taken me so long to add "First 50 Words" to my blog roll. Yes, this is the same Virginia, the "TGB Elder Geek" who simplifies ‘computer technical stuff’ you’ll find in her posts listed there.

There are other blogs whose writers I enjoy reading. Eventually, I’ll add them. One bookmarked blog grouping has been erroneously deleted when we cleaned my desktop P.C. and set up my laptop. One such blogger whose link I lost drew story pictures frame by frame recounting events. Perhaps in the future I’ll find some of them in the blogosphere again.


  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Already a fan of "First 50 Words" and just dropped by the "GabbyGeezer" and left him a note relating to the Green Bay Packers.

  2. Thanks for mentioning First 50 Words, Joared. I always enjoy it when you drop by and join in the fun with a bit of writing of your own.

  3. I've been to Virginia's place a few times...and really like it. She's a terrific person by the way. I've met her at BlogHer...she's just the nicest person and good God I don't know how she manages to know so much techie stuff about computers...and write about it....but she does.

    I've never been to Dorothy or Dick's sites; but I'll have to check them out. I do know quite a bit about Packer Backer fans since my brother lives in Wisconsin, use to be a newspaper reporter there, and is an avid sports fan himself...Oh yeah.

  4. Wow I am speechless for the great words and that's rare for me..

    Thanks you and as usual I'll be back as this is a great blog..

    Dorothy from grammology

  5. It is amazing, the amount of truly interesting blogs that are out there---so many, I'm not sure one could ever visit them all! And the Variety is really astounding, too!
    I am familiar with Grammolgy but not the rest....Thanks for this, my dear!

  6. I used to be married to a man from Wisconsin, and I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Packers. After the divorce, I even visited the Packers Museum or whatever they call it.

    But I couldn't hate the Vikings now that they've got Favre and beat the crap out of Green Bay last week. Ha HA, Packers! There was major celebrating in heaven among certain of my deceased friends and relatives (Gemma especially) when the Vikes won.